2000 Mining History Association Tour


Tour of the Tonopah Historical Mining Park

Welcoming Reception Venue

June 1, 2000




Web Coordinator’s Note.  Unfortunately, no photographs have been located from the actual 2000 conference or the tours and field trips.  With the help of Bill Wahl, Don Southwick, and others, we have attempted to reconstruct photo galleries of the sites visited during the conference.

The Tonopah Historic Mining Park  the venue for the Welcoming Reception, preserves a collection of mine buildings and other features that were associated with several important mines at the site.  A great deal of work has gone into this grass-roots effort since the MHA visit in 2000.  In 2004 the Burro Tunnel Underground Adventure was opened to allow visitors to experience underground mining.  The tunnel leads to a 500 foot vertical open stope where the gold vein was removed.  A well documented Walking Tour allows visitors to cover the Park’s large area.  Some of the important stops along the tour route are shown in the photos below.

The Mizpah Mine (left) was one of several that were served by the Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad.  The T&G Trestle (center) is the last surviving structure of the railroad.

The Mizpah Mine buildings and headframe.

The Mizpah Mine hoist.

The Desert Queen Mine headframe, hoist house, and ore bins.  It was one of the richest mines in the district.

A rail trestle (right) brought ore from the mine to the Silver Top Grizzly.  Waste rock was disposed of on the dumps.  Good ore was dropped into the ore bins below.

Daylighted (open) stopes in the mineralized veins reached the surface at the Silver Top Mine.  Elsewhere in the park are larger open stopes with a bridge across to allow visitors to look deep down into the mined-out vein.  A Glory Hole is located over a large area of caved mine workings.

The view across the trestle from the Silver Top Mine to the Grizzly./span>

A stamp battery is on display to show how the ore was pulverized before the gold could be recovered.


In 2014 a project was undertaken to create a digital photographic model of the Tonopah Historical Mining Park.  This image above was compiled using the Maptek I-Site software system.  On a computer, the digital model can be rotated in three dimensions and viewed at any angle.  From left to right, the following features can be seen:  Silver Top Grizzly; Silver Top headframe and hoist house; Visitors Center;  T&G Railroad trestle; Mizpah Mine headframe and Hoist House; Glory Hole; and Desert Queen Mine with headframe and ore bins.

(Photos courtesy of the Tonopah Historic Mining Park.)




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