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The Mining History Association (MHA) invites you to join with us in the exchange of information about our mining past. Through  publications and conferences, the Association members address all aspects of mining history, including metal, coal, and industrial minerals mining and processing throughout the United States, the Alaskan frontier, the Canadian and Mexican experiences, as well as their European antecedents, and the spread of mining people and technology throughout the world.

The membership is comprised of individuals and organizations interested in mining history. Their backgrounds range from academics to miners to geologists, from historians to mining engineers, from museum staff and others concerned with the preservation of historic sites or artifacts, to individuals researching, writing about, or just interested in mining history.

Members receive the quarterly newsletter, Mining History News, with concise articles on mining history, timely information on Association activities including the annual conference programs, and notices of new mining history books. Annually each member receives The Mining History Journal containing significant, peer-reviewed papers on various aspects of mining history submitted by MHA members.

An annual conference is held each summer in a historic mining area.  Recent conferences have been held in Fairbanks, Alaska, Telluride, Colorado, Dillon, Montana, Silver City, New Mexico, Creede, Colorado, Prescott, Arizona, Chisholm, Minnesota, Leadville, Houghton, Michigan, Globe, Arizona, Galena, Ilinois, and Scranton, Pennsylvania.  The conferences provide a forum for members to speak on their interest in mining history, participate in field trips to historic mining areas, enjoy social functions, exchange information with other MHA members, and generally have a great time!  Some members make the annual conference a family affair taking the opportunity to explore the historic and scenic wonders of America.

Four awards are given by the Association to recognize persons who have contributed to the advancement of mining history. The Rodman Paul Award recognizes the individual or individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field. The prestigious Clark Spence Award is presented biennially to the author of the most significant, recently-published book on mining history. The John Townley Award is given to the author of the article rated most highly in The Mining History Journal each year.  The Cherry Hunter Award is presented for significant contributions to the preservation of mining history through art.

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