The Mining History Journal

Volume 29 - 2022


Journal Articles 

Eric C. Nystrom, Portrait of an Emerging Profession: A Microdata Look at Mining Engineering in America in 1880.|

Robert E. Launhardt, The Sunshine Mine Fire Disaster, May 2, 1972.

Ronald H. Limbaugh, Mining Camp Democracy: Conflicting Interpretations of the American Democratic Tradition.

Geoffrey C. Lybeck, The Needs of the Nation and the Technology of Tomorrow: The Illinois Coal Industry, 1945-1969.


Lisa Wegman-French, Recent Publications on the History of Mining.


Book Reviews

Fawn-Amber Montoya and Karin Larkin (eds.), Communities of Ludlow: Collaborative Stewardship and the Ludlow Centennial Commemoration Commission.

Reviewed by Dawn Bunyak


Brad T. Clark and Pete McCormick (eds.), Gold Metal Waters: The Animas Rover and the Gold King Mine Spill.

Reviewed by Donald Paulson


Eleanor Herz Swent, One Shot for Gold: Developing a Modern Mine in Northern California.

Reviewed by Gage McKinney


Priscilla Wegars, Polly Bemis: The Life and Times of a Chinese American Pioneer.

Reviewed by Catherine Holder Spude


Front Matter


(Front Cover) Blast Furnace No. 1, Sloss-Sheffield Steel and Iron Company, Birmingham, Alabama.  (Editorís photo.)


Table of Contents.


Back Matter

The Sunshine Mine Fire: The Bureau of Minesí Investigation.


Victims of the Sunshine Mine Fire, 2 May 1972.


(Back Cover) Members of the Sloss Metal Arts Program conduct an iron pour in the former Sloss Furnacesí No. 2 cast shed. (Editorís photo.)

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