The Mining History Journal

Volume 27 - 2020


Journal Articles 

Roger Burt, “Hedging” the Gold Rush: Fraternity on the Mining Frontier: California, Nevada and Victoria, Australia 1860-1880.

Serenity Sutherland, Coeducation and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Summer Mining School, 1879.


Brian James Leech and Eric C. Nystrom, Surveying the Minds: New Trends and Key Classics in Mining History.


Timothy Dodson, Accounts and Roles of Baseball Associated with the Ludlow Massacre.


Khaled Bloom, “Why Didn’t They Do Something about It?”: Gold vs. Grain in Post WW2 California.


Lisa Wegman-French, Recent Publications on the History of Mining.

Book Reviews

Steven J. Cary, Accidental Argonaut: A Natural History of Winslow Howard.

Reviewed by Eric L. Clements


Christian Wright, Carbon County USA: Miners for Democracy in Utah and the West.

Reviewed by Jaak Daemen


David M. Gitlitz, Living in Silverado: Secret Jews in the Silver Mining Towns of Colonial Mexico.

Reviewed by William Culver

Front Matter

(Front Cover) The face of the upright boiler of a steam engine built by San Francisco’s Union Iron Works in 1878 photographed rusting in the sun at Bodie, California, 122 years later.

Back Matter

Eric L. Clements, Bodie’s Bones

(Back Cover) The remains of a freight wagon, of a type used to haul ore, at Bodie California.

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