The Mining History Journal

Volume 26 - 2019


Journal Articles 

R. Damian Nance, Cornish Mining Technology in Eastern Pennsylvania: The Perkiomen and Wheatly Mines.

Eric C. Nystrom, Witnessing the Alaska Gold Rush: Finding Mining History in Court Records.

Rudy Davison, An Overview of Four Significant Adirondack Iron Mining Centers.

John R. Henris, “Trout Fishing Must Eventually Give Way to Mining:” Cyanide Mills and Recreation on Spearfish Creek in the South Dakota Black Hills.

Mark Aldrich, FDR, the New Deal, and the Great Nineteen Thirties Gold Rush.

Lysa Wegman-French, Recent Publications on the History of Mining.

Book Reviews

Cynthia Ackley Nunn, Abandoned California: King Soloman Mine.
Reviewed by Eric L. Clements

Richard V. Francaviglia, Imagining the Atacama Desert: A Five-Hundred-Year Journey of Discovery.
Reviewed by Rocio Gomez

James L. Fairchild and David T. Robinson, John W. Searles: California Mining Pioneer.
Reviewed by Fred Barnard

Kristin Ranestad, Knowledge-Based Growth in Natural Resource Intensive Economies: Mining, Knowledge Development and Innovation in Norway 1860-1940.
Reviewed by William W. Culver

Sarah E. M. Grossman, Mining the Borderlands: Industry, Capital, and the Emergence of Engineers in the Southwest Territories, 1855-1910.
Reviewed by Robert L. Spude

Christine A. Bradley and Diane A. Smith, The Once and Future Silver Queen of the Rockies: Georgetown, Colorado, and the Fight for Survival in the Twentieth Century.
Reviewed by Karen Vendl 

Billy M. Williams, Playing in a Big Boy’s Sandbox: ASARCO’s Mission Mining Complex.
Reviewed by Bill Hawes

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Back Matter
Eric L. Clements, Fayette in Photos.

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