The Mining History Journal

Volume 15 - 2008


Journal Articles


Eleanor Swent, Proven and Possible Reserves (Download pdf)


Morris T. Worley, Roll Front to Yellowcake:  Innovations in Uranium Mining; Recollections of the Highland Uranium Operations (Download pdf)


Carmen and Larry Piekenbrock, Pay Dirt in Colorado:  A Year in the Life of Ben Stanley Revett and the Twin Lakes Hydraulic Gold Mining Syndicate, Ltd., of London, England (Download pdf)


A. Paul Mogensen and Ed Hunter, From South Africa to Colorado:  The Mining Codebooks (Download pdf)


James B. Copeland, Silver Cliff’s Geyser Shaft:  Legitimate Exploration or Stock Promotion Scam? (Download pdf)


Peter L. Siems, A History of the Schemnitz (Banská Štiavnica) Silver-Gold Mines (Download pdf)


Robert M. Neil, The Barnes-Heckler, 1926:  Michigan’s Worst Mine Disaster (Download pdf)

Index of Articles Published in the Mining History Journal, 1994-2008

(Download pdf)


Lysa Wegman-French (Compiler), Recent Publications on the History of Mining (Download pdf)



Book Reviews


Judy Nolte Temple, Baby Doe Tabor:  The Madwoman in the Cabin

Reviewed by Dawn Bunyak

(Download pdf)


Virginia McConnell Simmons, Drifting West:  The Calamities of James White and Charles Baker

Zachary A. Smith and John C. Freemuth (Editors), Environmental Politics and Policy in the West

Diana L. Ahmad, The Opium Debate and Chinese Exclusion Laws in the Nineteenth-Century American West

Reviewed by Eric Clements

(Download pdf)


Karen Bescherer Metheny, From the Miners’ Doublehouse:  Archaeology and Landscape in a Pennsylvania Coal Company Town

Reviewed by Johnny Johnsson

(Download pdf)


Doug Brugge, Timothy Benally, and Esther Yazzie-Lewis (Editors), The Navajo People and Uranium Mining

Reviewed by Ellen Bales

(Download pdf)


James M. Day, The Price of Silver:  The Story of the Sunshine Mine Disaster

Reviewed by Bill Hawes

(Download pdf)


David R. Berman, Radicalism in the Mountain West, 1890-1920:  Socialists, Populists, Miners and Wobblies

Reviewed by Phil Mellinger

(Download pdf)


John Stewart, Thomas F. Walsh:  Progressive Businessman and Colorado Mining Tycoon

Reviewed by Duane A. Smith
(Download pdf)

Front Matter (Download pdf)

Back Matter (Download pdf)

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