The Mining History Journal

Volume 11 - 2004


Journal Articles


Ed Hunter, The Cape Nome Conspiracy:  The Right Wing at Work? (Download pdf)


Robert Sorgenfrei, A View of the Lead Mines of Missouri, by Henry Schoolcraft:

The First Book Written on Mining on the Western Frontier (Download pdf)


Eugene Michal, Gabbs Magnesium, 1942:  A Personal Experience (Download pdf)


Collamer M. Abbott, Thomas Pollard:  A Cornish Miner in the Appalachians (Download pdf)


Eleanor Herz Swent, Globalization and the Twentieth Century California Gold Rush:  Development of the Continuous High-pressure Oxidation Process for Gold Recovery at the McLaughlin Mine (Download pdf)


Ron Limbaugh, Pragmatic Professional:  Herbert Hoover’s Formative Years as a Mining Engineer, 1895-1908 (Download pdf)


Linda Helding Schure, Quartz Creek Gold Mining, 1933-1935:  The Story of Salve Thomassen (Download pdf)


Lysa Wegman-French (Compiler), Recent Publications on the History of Mining (Download pdf)



Book Reviews


Christopher J. Huggard, Editor


Thomas E. Wagner and Phillip J. Obermiller, African American Miners and Migrants:  The Eastern Kentucky Social Club

Reviewed by Dawn Bunyak

(Download pdf)


Kathryn Morse, The Nature of Gold:  An Environmental History of the Klondike Gold Rush

Reviewed by Eric L. Clements

(Download pdf)


Liston E. Leyendecker, The Griffith Family and the Founding of Georgetown

Reviewed by Mark Vendl

(Download pdf)


Robert A. Trennert, Riding the High Wire:  Aerial Tramways in the West

Reviewed by Karen Vendl

(Download pdf)

Front Matter (Download pdf)

Back Matter (Download pdf)

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