The Mining History Journal

Volume 10 - 2003


Journal Articles 

Clark C. Spence, “My Personal Reflections on Fifty Years of Mining History.”  (Download pdf)


Jeremy Mouat, “Looking for Mr. Wright:  A Tale of Mining Finance from the Late Nineteenth Century.” (Download pdf)


J. Thomas Murphy, “Damned Blue Stuff:  An Appreciation of Clark C. Spence.”  (Download pdf)


Ronald Brown, “C. Spence Here: Interviews of Gene M. Gressley.”  (Download pdf)


Mark Vendl and Karen Vendl, “Benjamin Stanley Revett and his Breckenridge Gold Dredges.” (Download pdf)


William Graebner, “Prospecting for Cultural Gold: The Western Mining Film, 1935-1960.”  (Download pdf)


Duane A. Smith, “Sin, Sobriety, and Speeding:  Victorian Mining Towns’ Struggle for Respectability.”  (Download pdf)


Thomas G. Alexander, “Interdependence in the Mormon Heartland:  Mutual Irrigation Companies and Modernization in Utah’s Wasatch Oasis, 1870-1930.”  (Download pdf)


Mike Dunning, “The Boriana Mine.”  (Download pdf)


Robert L. Spude, “The Ingenious Community:  Georgetown, Colorado, and the Evolution of Western American Silver Mining and Metallurgy, 1864-1895.”  (Download pdf)


Ronald Brown, “Daniel C. Jackling and Kennecott:  A Mining Entrepreneur’s Adjustment to Corporate Bureaucracy.”  (Download pdf)


Lysa Wegman-French, “Recent Publications on the History of Mining.”  (Download pdf)


Book Reviews

Edited by Christopher Huggard

Stanley W. Paher, “Nevada Ghost Towns and Mining Camps Illustrated Atlas (4th Ed.).”

Reviewed by Eric Nystrom.

(Download pdf)


Charles V. Mutschler, “Wired for Success, The Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway, 1892-1985.”

Reviewed by Richard Francaviglia.

(Download pdf)


Helmut Waszkis, “Dr. Moritz (Don Mauricio) Hochschild, 1881-1965.  The Man and His Companies:  A German Jewish Mining Entrepreneur in South America.”

Reviewed by John Hillman.

(Download pdf)

Front Matter
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