The Mining History Journal

Volume 9 - 2002


Journal Articles 

Richard Francaviglia, “Into the Crucible:  Mining’s Lasting Impact on the Native American Great Basin.”  (Download pdf)


Silvia Pettem, “Cornish Heritage Buried on the American Frontier.”  (Download pdf)


Robert Sorgenfrei, “Anatomy of a Mine Report:  John H. Marks’s Report on the San Juan Placer Operations, San Juan River, Utah, 1909.”  (Download pdf)


Joseph Laythe, “Crime and Punishment in a Mining Town:  Jacksonville, Oregon, 1875-1915.”  (Download pdf)


Fritz E. Wolff, “Industrial Espionage 1890’s Style:  Undercover Agents in the Coeur d’Alene Mining District.”  (Download pdf)


Rex C. Myers, “No One Stayed:  Quarrying Granite in Aberdeen, Colorado, 1889-1892.”  (Download pdf)


Peter J. Blodgett, “Striking Pay Dirt: Historical Manuscript Collections at the Huntington Library Concerning Mining in the North American West.”  (Download pdf)

Lysa Wegman-French, “Recent Publications on the History of Mining.”  (Download pdf)

Book Reviews

Rodman Paul, “Mining Frontiers of the Far West, 1848-1880.”

Reviewed by Andrew Johnston.

(Download pdf)


Roberto R. Calderon, “Mexican Coal Mining Labor in Texas and Coahuila, 1880-1930.” Reviewed by Paul Hart.

(Download pdf)


Charles L. Keller, “The Lady in the Ore Bucket:  A History of Settlement and Industry in the Tri-Canyon Area of the Wasatch Mountains.”

Reviewed by Thomas G. Alexander.

(Download pdf)


Kevin Krajick, “Barren Lands:  An Epic Search for Diamonds in the North American Arctic.”

Reviewed by Duane A. Smith.

(Download pdf)


Holly Skinner, “Eye of the Blackbird:  A Story of Gold in the American West.” 

Reviewed by Sally Zanjani. 

(Download pdf)


Video.  “Riches from the Rock: Early Mining in Bisbee, Arizona.”

Reviewed by Robert A. Trennert. 

(Download pdf) 

Front Matter
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