The Mining History Journal

Volume 8 - 2001


Journal Articles 

Richard Graeme, “2000 Mining History Association Presidential Address.”  (Download pdf)

Sally Zanjani, “The Political Impact of the Central Nevada Mining Boom: An Address to the 10th Annual Convention of the Mining History Association, Tonopah, Nevada.”  (Download pdf)

Jon T. Coleman, “The Prim Reaper: Muriel Sibell Wolle and the Making of Western Ghost Towns.”  (Download pdf)

Joseph J. Tingley, Thomas P. Lugaski, and Alvin R. McLane, “Discovery of Mining Camps in South-Central Nevada.” (Download pdf)

Karen Vendl and Mark Vendl, “The Mines and Mining Building of the World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893: A Photographic Essay.”  (Download pdf)

Johnny Johnsson, “Vermont’s Elizabeth Copper Mine: The Tyson Years, 1880-1902.”  (Download pdf)

Richard V. Francaviglia, “Maps and Mining: Some Historical Examples from the Great Basin.”  (Download pdf)

Keith R. Long, “Tailings Under the Bridge: Causes and Consequences of River Disposal of Tailings, Coeur d’Alene Mining Region, 1886 to 1968.”  (Download pdf)

Duane A. Smith, “A Leap of Faith: The Early Years of the Mining History Association.”  (Download pdf)

Book Reviews

Thomas J. Noel and Cathleen M. Norman, “A Pikes Peak Partnership: The Penroses and the Tutts.”
Reviewed by Eric Clements.
(Download pdf)

  Front Matter (Download pdf)

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