The Mining History Journal

Volume 7 - 2000


Journal Articles 

Donald L. Hardesty, “1999 Mining History Association Presidential Address”  (Download pdf)

Sally Zanjani, “The Best and the Worst: Mining Historians Look Back at the Millennium.”  (Download pdf)

Noel W. Kirshenbaum, “The Giant Gold Diggers: California's Land-Going Fleet of Dredges.”  (Download pdf)

Fritz E.Wolff, “Driving the Kellogg Tunnel: Two Miles to Glory-or Ruination.”  (Download pdf

Dawn Bunyak, “To Float or Sink: A Brief History of Flotation Milling.” (Download pdf)

Karen Pickett
, “Environmental Battlefield: Ruston, Washington, Home to an Asarco Smelter and Superfund.”  (Download pdf

Christine Marin, “The Union, Community Organizing, and Civil Liberties: Clinton Jencks, Salt of the Earth, and Arizona Copper in the 1950s.”  (Download pdf)

David Beesley, “Beyond Gilbert: Environmental History and Hydraulic Mining in the Sierra Nevada.”  (Download pdf)

Book Reviews

William R. Haycraft, “Yellow Steel: The Story of the Earthmoving Equipment industry.” Reviewed by Richard V. Francaviglia.
(Download pdf)

Mary Hill
, “Gold, the California Story.”
Reviewed by Eleanor Swent.
(Download pdf)

John R. Park,
“A Guidebook to Mining in America.”
Reviewed by Johnny Johnsson.
(Download pdf)

Susan Lee Johnson
, “Roaring Camp: The Social World of the California Gold Rush.” Reviewed by Ron Limbaugh.
(Download pdf)

Front Matter
(Download pdf)

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