The Mining History Journal

Volume 6 - 1999


Journal Articles 

Christopher J. Huggard, “Introduction and Map of the Southwest.”  Editor’s Note.  (Download pdf)

Richard D. Loosbrock, “Managing a Gold Rush: Mining of the Maxwell Land Grant, New Mexico 1867-1920.”  (Download pdf)

Robert L. Spude, “The Santa Rita del Cobre New Mexico, The Early American Period, 1846-1886,”  (Download pdf)

Richard W. Graeme, “The Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company 1885-1917: A History of the Company and its Employees.”  (Download pdf)

Lynn Bjorkman, “Warren, Arizona: ‘The City Beautiful’ and ‘An Ideal City in the West’.”  (Download pdf)

James McBride, “The Bisbee Deportation in Words and Images.”  (Download pdf)

Erik Nordberg, “The Arizona and Michigan Mining Company, Globe District, Arizona Territory: A Study of a Small Mine in a Large Network.”  (Download pdf)

Mason Coggin, “John C. Greenway, the Ajo Experience.”  (Download pdf)

Douglas E. Kupel, “Copper Chronicle: Magma Mine, Superior, Arizona.” (Download pdf)

Eleanor Herz Swent, “Reviving Cananea, Mexico: The Recollections of Geologists Vincent Perry and William Humphrey at La Colorada Mine, 1928-1975.”  (Download pdf)

Mike Dunning, “Mining on the Periphery: The Lost Dutchman of the Chemehuevis.”  (Download pdf

Rick Hendricks, “Spanish Colonial Mining in Southern New Mexico: A Spanish to English Translation of Documents Relating to El Paso, the Organ Mountains, and Santa Rita del Cobre.”  (Download pdf)

Donald L. Hardesty, “1998 Review of Mining Archaeology and Historic Preservation.”  (Download pdf)

Donald L. Hardesty, “1999 Review of Mining Archaeology and Historic Preservation.”  (Download pdf)

Book Reviews

Ronald M. James, “The Roar and the Silence: A History of Virginia City and the Comstock Lode.”
Reviewed by Robert Burt
(Download pdf)

William B. Shillingberg, “Tombstone, A. T.: A History of Early Mining, Milling and Mayhem.”
Reviewed by Eric Clements
(Download pdf)

A. Bernard Knapp, V. C. Piggott, Eugenia W. Herbert, eds., “Social Approaches to an Industrial Past: The Archaeology and Anthropology of Mining.”
Reviewed by Raymond E. Dummett

(Download pdf)

Beth Sagsetter and Bill Sagsetter, “The Mining Camps Speak: A New Way to Explore the Ghost Towns of the American West.”
Reviewed by Lynn Langenfeld

(Download pdf)

Clark C. Spence, “Wood River or Bust.”
Reviewed by Gene M. Gressley
(Download pdf)

Front Matter
(Download pdf)

Back Matter (Download pdf)

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