The Mining History Journal

Volume 3 - 1996


Journal Articles 

James M. Bailey, Keeping People from Being Killed: Arizona Governor Bruce Babbitt, Public Safety, and the Phelps Dodge Copper Strike, 1983-1984.  (Download pdf)

Robert Autobee, Needed, but not Wanted: Immigrant Labor, the Sunrise Mine, and the North Platte Project.  (Download pdf)

Nancy J. Taniguchi, Progressive Transformation: The Development of Utah Coal.  (Download pdf)

Keith Halsey and H. Mason Coggin, A. L. Flagg's Southwest: A Photographic Essay.  (Download pdf)

Randall Rohe, Chinese Mining and Settlement at the Lava Beds, California.  (Download pdf)

Ronald H. Limbaugh, John Muir and the Mining Industry.  (Download pdf)

Denise Pan, Peace and Conflict in an Industrial Family: Colorado Fuel and Iron's Cameron and Walsen Camps, 1913-1928.  (Download pdf)

Clark C. Spence, The Janin Brothers: Mining Engineers.  (Download pdf)

Steven L. Sewell, Life Away from the Mine in Oklahoma's Coal Towns.  (Download pdf)

Terrence M. Humble, The Pinder Slip Mining Claim Dispute of Santa Rita, New Mexico 1881-1912.  (Download pdf)

Ronald M. James, On the Edge of the Big Bonanza: Declining Fortunes and the Comstock Lode.  (Download pdf)

John N. Economopoulos, Mining Activities in Ancient Greece from the 7th to the 1st Centuries BC.  (Download pdf)

Elliott West, High Grade Yield: An Assay of Recent Writing on the Mining West.  (Download pdf)

Eric A. Stene, The Historical Statistics of the Colorado Mining Industry.  (Download pdf)

Donald L. Hardesty, 1996 Review of Mining Archaeology and Historic Preservation.  (Download pdf)

Front Matter
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