The Mining History Journal

Volume 2 - 1995


Journal Articles 

Richard H. Peterson, A Multifaceted Miner: The Youthful Experiences of Joseph B. Chaffee in California, 1850-1851.  (Download pdf)

David A. Wolff, Mining Ground on the Fringe: The Horseshoe-Mogul Mining Company of the Northern Black Hills.  (Download pdf)

Sally Zanjani, Images from the Last Boomtown: Photographic Essay,  Goldfield.  (Download pdf)

Eugene J. Palka, Company Stores of the Hocking Valley Coal Field: Fading Memories from a Bygone Era.  (Download pdf) 

Lew Orrell, Mining Calcite Crystals during World War II.  (Download pdf)

Rolla L. Queen, Ethnicity and Community on the Mining Frontier.  (Download pdf)

Hal Neumann, The Pharaohs' Gold: Ancient Egyptian Metallurgy.  (Download pdf)

Liping Zhu, The Historical Statistics of the New Mexico Mining Industry.  (Download pdf)

Donald L Hardesty, Review of Mining Archaeology and Historic Preservation.  (Download pdf)

Front Matter
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