The Mining History Journal

Volume 1 - 1994


Journal Articles 

Christopher J. Huggard, “Impact of Mining on the Environment of Grant County, New Mexico to 1910.” (Download pdf)

Ronald H. Limbaugh, “Making the Most of Experience: The Career of William J. Loring, Nevada Mining Engineer.”  (Download pdf)

James Whiteside, “Beyond Ludlow: Problems and Opportunities in Western Coal Mining History.”  (Download pdf)

Richard C. Davis, “Protecting Research Values: The Day Mines Group of Records, University of Idaho Library.”  (Download pdf)

W. Dan Hausel, “Mining History of Wyoming's Gold, Copper, Iron, and Diamond Resources.”  (Download pdf)

Duane A. Smith, “Life and Death Jostle One Another: Medicine in the Early Gold Camps.”  (Download pdf)

Richard Francaviglia, “Black Diamonds and Vanishing Ruins: Reconstructing the Historic Landscape of Thurber, Texas.”  (Download pdf)

Eric L. Clements, “Mining Health and Safety Reform in Arizona, 1901-1921.”  (Download pdf)

Randall Rohe, “The Chinese and Hydraulic Mining in the Far West.”  (Download pdf)

David F. Myrick, “Potosi: An Empire of Silver.”  (Download pdf)

Steven L. Sewell, “Development of Coal Mining in Oklahoma.”  (Download pdf)

Doreen Chaky, “John Henry v. Charles Burleigh’s Drill.”  (Download pdf)

Clark C. Spence, “Alaska Gold Dredging.”  (Download pdf)

Eleanor Swent, “The Knoxville Project: Western Mining in the Twentieth Century Oral History Project.” (Download pdf)

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