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Photos by Patty Pickett


The 1992 Mining History Association 2nd Annual Conference predated the widespread use of digital photography and the Internet that we know today.  Years later when the web page was created to document the Boise conference, few photos could be found.  Patty Pickett offered to share some of the collection of photos she has taken of many of Idaho’s old mining towns, including those visited on the MHA field trips.  We hope that you will enjoy her evocative pictures of Idaho’s mining heritage.  CLICK ON any of towns listed below and join Patty on her photographic journey through Idaho’s scenic back country.  Learn more about the history of these historic mining areas in Merle Wells, “Gold Camps and Silver Cities,” which can be downloaded from the Idaho Geological Survey website.

Atlanta and Rocky Bar




Caribou Mountain


Custer and Bonanza


Gilmore and Nicholia


Idaho City*


Alder Creek-Mackay


Shoup and Ulysses


Silver City and Delamar*


Yellow Jacket


* Historic mining towns visited on the 1992 MHA field trips.

Historic Mill at Bayhorse, ID.
“I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho and started photography about 12 years ago. My husband and I love to visit old ghost towns. I photograph as many as I can. Some are hard to get to! The stories these towns tell are amazing. I like reading about them but there's nothing like actually being here. You can just feel the history. I shoot with a Nikon D7000 and a D7100. I’m just an amateur who really enjoys photographing these wonderful places.” (pattypickett4748 at gmail dot com)

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