2019 Mining History Association Tour

Menominee Iron Range
Iron River, Iron Mountain, and Vulcan, Michigan
Tour Leader, Mark Langenfeld
June 9, 2019




(Above) Tour Route: Marquette (A, top right) to Crystal Falls (C). to Iron River (D), to Caspian (E), to Iron Mountain (F), and to Norway/Vulcan (G), and return to Marquette.  CLICK HERE for the Tour Guide.  (Mapquest)


(Left) The tour route went west from Marquette to Humboldt, then south, and then west again to Crystal Falls, MI, a once prosperous mining town.  You had to look fast to get a drive-by glimpse of its impressive Court House built during the mining boom.

(Left) STOP 1.  The Cardiff Mine was located in the Mineral Hills area just north of Iron River, MI.  It opened in 1919 with limited production.  Its Headframe is one of only two left on the Menominee Range.


(Above) In 1923 it became part of the adjacent Homer Mine and eventually was made part of the Homer-Waseca Group of mines managed by the M. A. Hanna Mining Company of Cleveland.  The large Homer-Waseca Mine operated until 1969.


Scrapers (left) and slushers (right) were used in the underground stopes and for loading rail cars. 

The repurposed building at the left was the Hoist House for the Cardiff Shaft.  Hoisting cables ran from the Hoist House to the top of the Headframe (right) and then down the shaft.

A close-up view of the Headframe shows the bin into which the skips dumped the ore for transport by rail to the ore docks in Escanaba, MI.

There is not much left to see in the old Miners’ Dry next to the Headframe.

(Left) Rudy checks out the Man Cage from the Cardiff Shaft.


(Below) Lynn and Peter sweep the area for lost MHAers so the bus can depart.

Photos Courtesy Mike Kaas.

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