2019 Mining History Association Tour

Humboldt Mill,
Lundin Mining, Eagle Mine,
Humboldt, Michigan
June 6, 2019



Lundin Mining’s Eagle Mine is a modern underground high-grade copper-nickel ore producer located about 30 miles northwest of Marquette, MI.  The ore is transported by truck to the Humboldt Mill, shown above.  In the mill, crushing, grinding, and flotation are used to produce copper and nickel concentrates.  The concentrates are shipped by rail to Sudbury, Ontario, Canada where the metals are refined.  Mill tailings are deposited in the nearby abandoned Humboldt Iron Mine open pit.  The brown building at the center of the photo is the powerhouse for the historic Humboldt Mine.  The mill site was also previously used to process ore from the Ropes Gold Mine before it was repurposed and modernized by Lundin Mining.

The MHA morning tour group, shown above, followed the process flow from the ore storage and blending building, through the crushing, grinding, column flotation, and drying circuits, and into the concentrate storage and rail car loading building. The afternoon tour group, shown below, followed the same tour route.



To learn more about the Eagle Mine, the Humboldt Mill, and Lundin Mining, check out the website and the blog.  You can take a virtual tour the of the underground mine on the YouTube Channel.

Photos Courtesy Meagen Morrison, Eagle Mine, and Mike Kaas.

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