2019 Mining History Association Tour

Conference Overview
Marquette, Michigan
June 6-10, 2019



The early morning view from the Landmark Inn, the conference hotel, includes the historic ore dock area and the modern-day marina park.

The Mattson Lower Harbor Park was a perfect spot for a morning jog or walk along the Marquette waterfront.  The Landmark Inn sits high above harbor (upper right).

(Above) This sailboat, the “Coaster II,” takes its name from the early Lake Superior ships that sailed close to the shoreline so that their crews could safely reach shore in the event of an emergency.


(Right) The iconic concrete ore dock, the symbol for the conference, is the last of several docks that once loaded ore in Marquette’s Lower Harbor.

It was just a short climb up the hill to Marquette’s prosperous downtown with its many historic buildings.  The tan building is the Masonic Center, the venue for the MHA Conference.

Program sessions were held in the Auditorium of the Masonic Center.  The Ballroom was used for social events.

(Above) The MHAers gathered for the Opening Session.  MHA Acting-President, Stephanie Saager-Bourret (second row center), and Conference Co-Chair, Mark Langenfeld (lower right), provided the Introductory Remarks.


(Right) The Vendors’ Area did a brisk business with all manner of mining history-related offerings.

The MHA Program wasn’t just about iron mining.  Dan Fountain presented a lesser known story, “Michigan Gold and Silver: A Brief History.”

Susan Canty (left) presented “Jeanne Seaman Farnum: The First Woman Field Geologist in Michigan and her Grandfather, A. E. Seaman.” Farnum’s daughter, Donna Cole (right), holds a compass used by her mother.

A Great Lakes ore carrier loads a cargo of taconite iron pellets at the modern ore dock in Marquette’s Upper Harbor.

Nighttime at the top of the Landmark Inn presents an evocative view of Marquette Harbor.

Photos Courtesy Mark and Lynn Langenfeld and Pat and Mike Kaas.

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