Mining History Association Tour

Bisbee, Arizona

June 5 and 6, 1998

(Reconstructed 2016)

Only a few photographs have been found from the MHA’s 1998 conference in Bisbee, Arizona.  Special thanks to Susan and Mike Canty for providing these galleries of 2016 photos.  They retrace the steps of the MHAers who took part in the 1998 tours and field trips.

Although no mining is currently taking place in Bisbee and the nearby suburbs of Lowell and Warren, a major effort was made during recent years to clean-up some of the old mining and milling sites.  This was driven by the 2007 merger of Phelps Dodge, the long time mine operator in the area, with Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold.  Much of the effort was focused on old mill sites, tailings disposal areas, and mine dumps.  A large undeveloped copper deposit, the Cochise deposit, is located north of the Lavender Pit so it is likely that mining will return to Bisbee some day.

Thanks to the efforts of local citizens many of the historic mine headframes have been preserved.  Most can be viewed from the highways in the area.  A few more are visited on commercial jeep tours Bisbee continues to be a popular tourist destination with the Copper Queen Mine Tour and the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum being star attractions.  Bisbee has become a popular retirement Mecca.



Welcome to Bisbee, Queen of the Copper Camps and the location of the 1998 MHA annual conference.

A View of the Copper Queen Hotel from the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum.  Many MHAers stayed at the hotel during the 1998 conference.

The Phelps Dodge Mining Company began construction of the Copper Queen Hotel in 1898. It opened in 1902.

The lobby of the Copper Queen Hotel retains its charm.

(Above) The outstanding Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum was visited by the MHAers during the conference.  The museum occupies the former headquarters building of the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company.  In 1917 the company became the Copper Queen Branch of Phelps Dodge Corp.

(Right) Our photographers, Susan and Mike Canty, inside a mine cage on display outside of the museum.

The historic Pythian Castle, ca1904, was the Bisbee Lodge of the Knights of Pythias.  It was converted to apartments in the 1980s.

Historic Covenant Presbyterian Church, next door to the Copper Queen Hotel.  MHA conference sessions were held in the church Annex.


Photo Credits: Susan and Mike Canty


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