2018 Mining History Association Tour

Adams Museum Tour
June 6, 2018



The Adams Museum was founded in 1930 by W. E. Adams, a successful pioneer businessman.  Adams donated the building to the city of Deadwood.  It was the first museum in Deadwood-Lead area.

Dawn and Johnny Johnsson with an 1879 Homestake Mining Company locomotive, the first one in the Black Hills.  It was manufactured by the famous Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia.

One of the smallest two-stamp mills ever made.

This one-armed bandit is no match for the modern version in the Deadwood casinos.

Native American craftsmanship.

Pioneer craftsmanship.

An early resident of the South Dakota, a plesiosaur (marine reptile), rests in his bed of limestone.

Wild Bill Hickock, was a more recent South Dakota resident and perhaps the most famous resident of Deadwood.  Visit him on the MHA Deadwood Walking Tour.

Potato Creek Johnny missed the big rush but discovered a whopper of a nugget. You can also visit him on the MHA Deadwood Walking Tour.

Johnny’s gold nugget weighted 7.75 Troy ounces.  The largest found in the Black Hills.

Photos Courtesy of  Johnny and Dawn Johnsson

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